Nicola Spanti, RyDroid

Nicola Spanti: my life in the flesh

For many years, I am keen on IT. So I now work in this science field as a software engineer.

RyDroid : my computing life

I am interested about freedom, privacy and independence in relation with IT. So, as a semi-saint of the Church of Emacs, I use nearly only free/libre software (sometimes called open-source). I also defend Internet neutrality.

Computing skills

My pseudo

RyDroid is the pseudo that I use on the Internet, video games and any other media where my name is not important.
How did you create your pseudo? The first part comes from rayquaza which is a pokemon, I was a fan so I used that pseudo. So, I took the "r" and the "y" from rayquaza. The "y" is also a reference to Python, a programming language with a free/libre cross-platform interpreter, that I like. "droid" refers to Android (and BugDroid its mascot), a good operating system for pocket computers and tablets that has a fully free/libre version with Replicant.

Quotes that I like